Yahto Kraft is back with his highly anticipated solo project 'Requiem'

Yahto Kraft is back with his highly anticipated solo project 'Requiem'

Listen to Yahto Kraft's latest hit single below!

Yahto Kraft

Following the unprecedented and remarkable success Yahto Kraft had with the chart-topping Armand Joubert on their single, 'Cry', with more than 100,000 streams in less than four months and charting on the Top 200 on South African Itunes, Yahto felt inspired and knew he had to get back into the studio and that was when the masterpiece that is 'Requiem' was born.

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The song was written from a place of heartache and loss that was endured by both Kraft and his co-writer MJ Fourie. The heartache was replaced by a drive and ambition to create something beautiful. 

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Using morbid imagery and sampling Mozart’s 'Lacrimosa', Yahto created something quite nostalgic, but somehow ahead of its time. Multi-talented producer and songwriter Hendrik Joerges combined swirling orchestral sounds with a pop drive that is set to catch the ears of many.

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When asked what Kraft is hoping for people to take from this record, he graciously replied: “This song is a universal message. Everyone has or is bound to experience the loss of a relationship, be it platonic or romantic. I want people to know that is okay to mourn the loss and that it is not your fault.”

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