Animal psychic reveals what your pet is feeling

Animal psychic reveals what your pet is feeling

Have you ever wondered what your pets are feeling or thinking? Do you wish they were able to tell you more? Listen as Animal Communicator Tammy De Oliveira tells The Complimentary Breakfast what lies behind the eyes of your pets…

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Tammy De Oliveira is an Animal Communicator who uses photographs to develop a connection with the animal and then communicates on a telepathic level.


Listen to what happened when she evaluates pictures of listener’s pets as well as divulges into the mind of a goldfish…


Behind pet eyes:

Tammy explains how the animal connection process works and does a basic reading on Robbie’s beagle Bagel, “Jacob from Nkandla’s” cow and then our new show goldfish.


More to goldfish than meets the eye:

Tammy talks about how she came to do what she does and delivers some very interesting feedback on the message from the goldfish (who wants to named Showby)


Getting to know your animals

The animals which Tammy communicates (from top left):

- Tinkerbell (Riana van Rooyen's Duiker)

- Lara (John Wassenaar)

- Su-Shi (Charmaine Pretorius's Caramel Oriental Cat)

- The giant lizard found in Gerhard Jansen van Vuuren's bathroom

- Carrin the Barn Owl (Riehan Greeff)

- Daisy (Letitia Keyser's Maltese mix)


Where is Jack?

Will Animal Psychic Tammy De Oliveira be able to help us track Jack?

To request more information about a communication with your pet and what type of communication you would like done (general, behavioural,contacting a beloved pet that has passed on or tracking a lost/missing animal), click here or email [email protected]

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