Anton Schmidt: A Voice to be Reckoned with

Anton Schmidt: A Voice to be Reckoned with

Earlier this morning we were joined by Anton Schmidt. Anton was a breakfast radio jock on Jacaranda FM from 1997 through until 1999. Anton shared with us a few stories and highlights from his time as a breakfast radio jock.


Over the past 30 years Jacaranda FM has seen its fair share of breakfast presenters. Some of the most iconic presenters are forever remembered by listeners. As we continue to celebrate three decades of Jacaranda FM, we were joined by Anton Schmidt who took over the breakfast show from Ben Theunissen in 1997.

We invited Anton back to speak about some of the best moments he had on air during his time at Jacaranda FM and what he calls his most memorable on air moments. We also reflected on how different breakfast radio was then compared to now.

Take a listen to what Anton had to say this morning with regards to his famous sign off line:

Radio, back in the day, had a few strict rules that had to be obeyed. Anton reflects on this. Listen below:

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