This is possibly the most awkward South African news reporter crossing EVER!

Is this the most awkward South African news crossing EVER?!

This poor reporter was completely caught off guard!

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If there is one thing that elevates a news provider, it's the professionalism and skill of its news reporters.

Sadly, that was not the case with this clip.

While conducting a live news crossing about the passing of Ahmed Kathrada, a news reporter completely fluffed her lines.

The news reporter attempted to deliver her report, but quickly realised that she was not prepared, saying: "Guys, I can't."

Being in the spotlight comes with a lot of pressure, and having the guts to go in front of a camera takes a lot. We completely hope that this one incident does not hamper the rest of her career. Let's face it, we all makes mistakes. 

Poor girl.

This reporter should not feel too bad, however, as news bloopers are a global thing. Just take a look at these bloopers from around the world as proof:

Warning: Video contains some strong language

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