'Protesters' rob truck driver in Mpumalanga

'Protesters' rob truck driver in Mpumalanga

Even though the driver was not harmed, we are shocked at how calm he remained throughout the whole ordeal.

truck driver protesters robbery

In a video posted by CICA Crime Intelligence, a group of 'protesters' robbed a truck driver on the N4 in Mpumalanga.

In the video you can see that the group of men rob the driver in broad daylight. One of the men even reaches over and tries to take what looks like a T-shirt. The driver proceeds to hand the robbers money from his wallet and one of the robbers even tries to slap the driver on the head. 

After the whole ordeal, the robbers fled and the driver, to our surprise, drove off peacefully as if nothing had happened. Huh?! Not a flinch - at all! 

The only explanation we have for this is that the driver must have surely been in complete shock?!

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