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Raging buffalo charges two men in Baviaanskloof Game Reserve

What was meant to be a peaceful, scenic ride for two motorcyclists turned into a nightmare experience. 

buffalo charge raging man

Two motorcyclists had an unfortunate run-in with a large, ill-tempered buffalo bull while out on a ride through the Baviaanskloof Game Reserve.

The two men were alone, riding their motorcycles through the reserve when, from a distance, one of the men spotted the large mammal. They both came to a halt and the man in front paused and gave the buffalo space to gain some ground away from them. 

However, the buffalo was having none of it and came charging head first towards the men.

In the video, the buffalo can be seen charging past the first motorcycle, but upon passing the second, the large bull causes the man to tumble and fall to the ground. 

Thankfully, both men were left unharmed, but this was a very close call.

Would you have remained as calm as these two or would you have fled? 

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