Stunt showdown: MalJan vs intern Carl

Stunt Showdown: MalJan vs intern Carl

MalJan and intern Carl went head-to-head in one epic stunt showdown! 

DSC_1218 maljan and intern carl stunt

As The Complimentary Breakfast comes to an end, there was no stopping us from delivering one more epic stunt battle. 

Over the last few years, you would remember that MalJan became known for his crazy, daring and challenging stunts that became a favourite with audiences. 

For one last parting 'goodbye' stunt, MalJan joined intern Carl in a series of three all-time favorite stunts. 

1. Cockroach Karaoke

2. Habanero Harmonica

Hynotist Max Kaan joined us to hynotise intern Carl and MalJan. 

3. Hypnosis Birth

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