Susan the bread queen will have your mouth watering

Susan "The Bread Queen" will have your mouth watering

Susan is an entrepreneur that sits every morning on Leslie round selling her grandma famous bread and vetkoeks. They are so popular she sells out within 2 hours every morning.

The story from "I have a name" on Facebook, of Susan has gone completely viral. She is a phenomenal entrepreneur and a single mum of 4 that sells bread and vetkoeks. 

The story explains how Susan came to sell her bread and where she got the famous recipe from.

"It's my grandma's recipe! grandma... she LOVED baking. The smell of fresh and baking bread is her smell. She would always give us tea...and then fresh bread to eat with it. It is thanks to her that I am able to make a living baking bread. I wake up at 3 am every morning and make 3 loaves of bread and a bucket of vetkoek to sell. I sell the bread by slices - 4 slices for R5.

I have 4 children, my husband passed away so I am the one supporting them. My one child is at university studying tourism, I am such a proud mama!

My youngest, a boy, is 10 years old and he attends the Rabasotho Combined School in Diepsloot. He tells me he is going to be a helicopter pilot when he grows up! Sho! I don't know if I want to be up in the air with him flying! " she laughs.

"I have been selling my bread and vetkoek here for 20 years! All of this... " and she waves her arms around at the office buildings across the road, Design Quarter, and the Toyota show room, " ...all of this was not here, and Leslie was a one lane street back then. I sit here from 7am, until I've sold out around 9:30 and then I go back home to Diepsloot to do some cleaning, washing, and take a little nap because I am up at 3am . In the afternoon I sit at my little stall in Diepsloot near my house selling sweets and chips."

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Today as she visit us we sent intern Carl to make sure she still makes her sales for the day.

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Her dream is to have a have a Defy Malahla Stove and be able to get other people involved in the business so they may earn an income as well.

Rian and the complimentary breakfast has just made that dream a reality and have given her a Defy Malahla Stove.

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