Take a look back at some of our biggest moments in #FlashbackFriday

Take a look back at some of our biggest moments in #FlashbackFriday

Over the last few years we have shared some incredible stories that have really impacted the lives of not only the recipient but many listeners as well. We decided to take a look back at where some of our incredible recipients are now. 

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Last year we visited the small mining town of Pilgrim's Rest and we discovered that the town was not what it used to be. However, we decided to get a few experts involved on trying to help this town and get it back on track. We invited a few experts on development and infrastructure to the town to assess what can be done to help the town.

We caught up with Emil (expert) and Leona (Pilgrim's resident) to find out the latest update on this developing project. 

We first heard of young Jayven's story last year. Jayven's father was gunned down in his own home, which devastated the family. Five months later Jayven's mother got more devastating news. Jayven was diagnosed with cancer and was in need of a leg-saving operation.

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Now, after the operation, young Jayven is walking and on the path of recovery. Jayven's mother shared this video with us showing Jayven and the first time he walked after the operation. 

We are overjoyed that Jayven is doing incredibly well! 

Last year we also shared the incredible story of Dan Lombard. Dan, who is now living his dream as a sports journalist, had difficulty being mobile. 

However, our generous Good Morning Angels listeners helped make Dan's life a lot easier. Dan received his own van to help keep him mobile. This is all thanks to you for making it all possible.

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One of our biggest stories and biggest drives on air was the story of burn survivor Sean Smith. Sean faced third degree burns to his body and face after an accident took place.

Sean needed to be moved to a private hospital to treat his burns and wounds and during one of our shows last year you managed to donate over R2,2 million. This money has been used to pay for hospital bills and Sean's treatment. We can happily update you that Sean is doing incredible well and has fully recovered.

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We cannot thank you, our listeners, enough for what you have done for Sean! 

Thank you to each and every one of you for making these few individuals' lives a lot better! We truly appreciate what you have done! 

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