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Thief tries to steal bike while cyclist is still on it!

Who tries to steal a bicycle while the cyclist is still on it?! 

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If there is one thing we have all come to know in South Africa, it's theft.

However, have you ever heard of a thief trying to steal a bicycle while the owner is still using it? Well, this is what happened to one cyclist and he was not having it - at all! 

In the video you can see the thief approaching and trying to stop the cyclist in his tracks. He then tries to grab hold of the bike, causing the rider to fall. Even though the cyclist falls to the ground, he manages to grab hold of the suspected thief by the head. 

The man continues to tackle the thief to the ground and punches and even kicks him while on the ground. By this time a few other cyclists join the commotion.

Watch the dramatic footage below: 

What would you do in a situation like this? Call the police or beat the man to the ground? 

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