A solution to help keep young women in School

A solution to help keep young women in school

Could this be an alternative solution to one of the biggest problems that affect young women in schools around South Africa.

feel good co
Feel good and co

One of the biggest problems that young women in South Africa have is the access to sanitary products.

Many impoverished young girls miss school due to this problem and although the numbers are known to be high, Africa Check reported there is no accurate data on how many girls are affected.

While I was at a Women's Day breakfast this morning I met a phenomenal woman, Stefanie Pereira, who told me about their new initiative.Feel Good & Co. has partnered with a brand called “Modibodi’s” to help provide South African women with a sustainable product to help reduce absenteeism and dropout rates in schools and increase the confidence levels.

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I spoke to Stefanie who explained the project and how you can get involved.

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