Would you go to a gender neutral bathroom?

Would you go to a gender neutral bathroom?

Gender neutral bathrooms have become a buzz recently and this is what the expectation is versus the reality.

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Last week the University of Johannesburg took to Facebook to announce their recent pilot project of gender neutral bathrooms.

A University spokesperson told a number of publications that the project was to promote inclusivity and recognise diversity.

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UJ has followed in the footsteps of Wits University, which introduced a unisex facility in May last year. The university also created a few gender neutral facilities on campuses. UJ said the bathrooms would enable people who do not subscribe to gender binaries to use the facility of their choosing.

The Kriya Gangiah show put the gender neutral concept to the test and compared what you expect would happen vs the reality. The end of the video was not staged or planned and showed the sheer surprise the #JacaFamily had to gender neutral bathrooms.

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