101-year-old woman shares secret to living longer

101-year-old woman shares secret to living longer

Most of us can only dream of reaching the centenary of our birth!

Tannie Marthie

Tannie Marthie van Rooyen has gone over and above and celebrates her 101st birthday today. 

It's a milestone worth celebrating for sure.

She's had plenty of birthdays and seen and done many things during her long life, so we thought we had to find out what her secret is.

After sharing her wisdom with us, the tannie has made us realise we're going to have to make a few changes if we wish to see 101.

With a sparkle in her voice, she says laughter and love are some of the key ingredients to a long and happy life. 

She's 101 and hasn't lost her sense of humour.

We think she might just be our oldest listener!

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