Top signs you're living in 2017

Top signs you're living in 2017

As much as we'd like to deny it, technology rules our lives.

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If someone had told us five years ago that the first thing we'd be reaching for in the morning in 2017 would be our smartphones, we probably would've denied it.

These days you cannot imagine your life without a constant connection to the internet. Here are some of the other weird stuff we modern people do in 2017:

1. We get up on the morning and go online before we drink tea or coffee.

2. We might accidentally enter our pin codes on the microwave.

3. We haven't physically walked into a bank in a while.

4. We email people working right next to us.

5. We use emojis to express our feelings.

6. We virtually visit people in the form of video calling.

7. We tilt our heads sideways to smile.

What other weird things do you find yourself doing because of technology?

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