Ever watched a bed-making competition?

Ever watched a bed-making competition?

It seems the Asians take bed-making next level with their bed-making competitions...

Woman making bed
Woman making bed/Pexels/@Liliana Drew

We know that many people pride themselves in their bed-making skills, with crisp linen folding and fresh cushions plumped on the bed. 

But it seems in Asia, they have taken it a step further as they host bed-making competitions for their hospitality staff.

"China’s hospitality sector routinely holds bed-making competitions that both showcase the skill and dedication of hotel employees and motivate others to achieve the same level." (Oddity Central)

Providing guests with the best is an important part of the hospitality industry everywhere, but extra important for Asian luxury hotels. 

They require their staff to undergo stringent training when it comes to making a bed. The best of the best get to participate in the bed-making competition, which is hosted by various hotel chains. 

"Participants need to be masters of their trade to stand a chance of convincing the jury that they deserve to win. Apart from speed – the first contestant to finish gets bonus points – competitors have to abide by certain rules and make sure that they pay great attention to detail." (Oddity Central)

Watch a snippet of a bed-making contest in Japan posted to YouTube recently. 

The precision and attention to detail, not to mention their swift and sharp movements, really do display a certain sense of skill in this department. 


Watch this interesting video by HGTV on how to make a hotel-perfect bed. 

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