Bride tries to search for a way to follow up on wedding RSVPs

Bride tries to search for a way to follow up on wedding RSVPs

Do you RSVP to events? 

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According to USA Today, "RSVP" is an initialism of the French phrase, 'répondez s'il vous plaît'. This directly translates to "Respond, if you please." 

But if we have to keep it simple, we will follow the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition, which merely means, 'Please reply'. 

If you are like us then you will notice that there is a key difference between the French definition and the dictionary one. The first one gives the guest the option of replying if it suits them. The important word to notice here is 'if'

So, we guess this means that RSVPing to an event is based on which definition you follow. 

If you are like the French, then you can choose to respond if you like or not. But if you choose to follow the Merriam-Webster definition, then you must respond with an answer as to whether you are attending or not. 

A woman shared her concern over her wedding invites as only 35 of 105 invitees responded to the RSVPs that were sent out. 

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She questioned what would be the best way to remind people to RSVP without being too cringe. 

There are two ways of looking at things, in our opinion. One way is that most people are not inclined to RSVP, for many it is an unspoken rule that they will attend when they receive the invitation. 

The other way of looking at things is just biting the bullet and contacting people to confirm their attendance. This is the safest bet when you are hosting. We must remember that hosts pay per head when catering, so it only makes sense for them to take RSVPing into account. 

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