Cape Town ballroom dance teacher does Cha Cha with daughter

Cape Town ballroom dance teacher does Cha Cha with daughter

An awe-fully talented young woman stands her ground next to dad...

A father and daughter dance the Cha Cha
A father and daughter dance the Cha Cha/TikTok Screenshot/@angeloharding

Dancing has long been an art form that helps those dancing to release emotions, not to mention exude a sense of beauty. 

With movies such as 'Take the Lead', we saw a dance teacher bring kids who were all facing their own life challenges together through the medium. 

And one teacher who is known to have done that is Angelo Harding, a Cape Town dance teacher who helps kids forget about their problems with dance. 


"When Harding started teaching dance in 2016, he never knew the impact that the young people would have on him. 'The young kids in this community, you know, they have something to hold on to. That is the dancing because it takes them out of the slums and out of the mindset of 'I am nothing,''" he said." (EWN)

He was interviewed saying the above in 2021, during a time when the world was still in the midst of one of its biggest obstacles.

And now, watching him share a video of his daughter dancing the Cha Cha with him, we are left mesmerised by her talent.


Watch the two match the beauty of dance and its ability to literally grab you. 

Tell us you don't just want to jump up and learn how to move like this after watching it. 

Courtesy of TikTok


Cha Cha Cha with my 11 year old 🔥

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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