Communication hacks for younger employees

Communication hacks for younger employees

Living in a fast-paced world can come with its pros and cons, but speaking up for yourself as a less experienced employee shouldn't be weighing you down. 

View of Johannesburg downtown South Africa
View of Johannesburg downtown South Africa/Pexels/@Sherissa R

Working your way up the ladder in the corporate world can be just as challenging as hunting for food. 

But being a younger employee isn't something that should slow you down in the rat race; it's quite the opposite. Working your way to success can be anything but easy for some and super breezy for others. 

We think that there are key differences between these two groups of workers. Where one group visibly goes through the turmoil of making it to the top, the other group seems to make it look so easy. 

Learning subtle cues in the workplace can help you make an impression with the seniors and earn you some credit in the same go. 

Follow some of these hacks in the workplace. 

  • According to Speech coach Jamie Chapman, it's important to speak slowly and with intention. Make sure to emphasise select words and pause deliberately. 
  • Often you might notice that some people may not respect you when you have the floor, so, if you feel it is warranted, reclaim the floor if someone has interrupted you. 

  • Make time to think about the bigger picture and how you fit into that. It will help to get noticed when you think about the long-term effects that ideas have. 
  • Be confident in what you say, if you come across shakily then no one will ever take you seriously. Speak with conviction and notice how people listen to you. 

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