Could this Gen-Z colleague be for real?

Could this Gen-Z colleague be for real?

When your Gen-Z colleague decides it's acceptable to work from a nail salon... leaving everyone else confused. 

A nail technician works on a customer's nails
A nail technician works on a customer's nails/Pexels/@cottonbrostudio

Working with colleagues who come from varied backgrounds and age groups has proven challenging over the years. 

But nothing quite beats the videos that are shared online about the huge gap between Gen-Z colleagues and the rest of the workforce. It is safe to say that in most instances there is an evident break in communication. 

The thing about it all is that Gen-Z employees have a vastly different way of looking at work than the rest of the general population. We have to say we kind of love their brutally honest approach to what is acceptable or appropriate and what is not. 

A video that was shared on TikTok shows one of the most awkward situations between a team who were on an online catch-up meeting

The reason for the awkwardness is a Gen-Z colleague. 

Now, we have to admit that we are uncertain whether this was all a facade or if it happened for real, as these days it is hard to tell the difference. We live in a matrix and it's up to us to decipher. 

The video was posted as a way of checking in on your Gen-Z colleagues, paying tribute to their unique ways of seeing the world where having a manicure during working hours is acceptable. This colleague in particular looked like she wanted to laugh, so it is quite possible this was staged. 

You can decide for yourself, watch the video from TikTok below. 

@honesthourkl Here’s your sign to check-in on your favourite Gen-Z colleague.⁠ ⁠ ⁠Who ever said pampering and working can’t be synonymous (except maybe your boss 🫢)⁠ 📍⁠Honest Hour, TTDI #nails #manicure #kualalumpur ♬ original sound - Honest Hour

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