Creative director types personal message on shared screen

Creative director types personal message on shared screen

Awkward, sooooo very awkward!

A person's screen shared on TV monitor
A person's screen shared on TV monitor/TikTok Screenshot/@andpeople

Video call meetings at work have become something of a norm since the pandemic. 

People jumping onto a call isn't unusual and therefore it is integral that you know the do's and don'ts when video calling. Because since it started, there are still people who forget to click mute. 

Whether that means they are speaking their truths without knowing they are being heard or forgetting to turn off their video, employees can face some serious repercussions for insubordination. 

Before we move forward with this story, we think it's important to note that we are not certain if this video was a joke or not. 

Nevertheless, we are sure it's happened to at least one person in any given company. 

In a video posted on a creative agency's TikTok page, we see an employee, who is referred to as the Creative Director on his laptop. But things quickly go sideways when the person videoing shares the fact that the CD is sharing his screen with everyone in the office. 

It doesn't sound like he's doing anything out of the ordinary. 

But the thing is, he is sharing a chat that sounds like it needed to be private. 

When the person videoing zooms in, we see the chatbox which reads: "f#cking how annoying is Rae, so annoying bro wtf." 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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