Ever tried taking photos while blindfolded?

Ever tried taking photos while blindfolded?

A photography teacher challenges her students to take photos blindfolded. This way they are able to use their other senses. 

A woman taking photos with her eyes blindfolded
A woman taking photos with her eyes blindfolded/Instagram Screenshot/@alissa.mensik

Have you ever taken the time to acknowledge what each of your senses do for you? 

We highly doubt that many people consciously show gratitude for their health and their ability to see things, touch things, smell things, and the sensation of taste. 

And that's life, right? You take these things for granted, even though these are the very things that we should start our days being grateful for. 

A photography teacher has taken this to the next level. Inspired by blind photographers like Pete Eckert, she commits to a yearly challenge - the Blind Photography Challenge. 

"Students use touch, sound, smell, and their mind’s eye to guide them in creating images that ignite the senses while blindfolded." (Instagram)

Check out some of the images that were captured by the blindfolded students. 

Courtesy of Instagram


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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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