Loose tyre launches car into mid air on Californian freeway

Loose tyre launches car into mid air on Californian freeway

Car safety isn't just about keeping your vehicle safe when you are parking somewhere, but also refers to maintaining and servicing it.

A vehicle crashed on the freeway
A vehicle crashed on the freeway/Instagram Screenshot/@NYPost

Owning a vehicle comes with a host of pros, but it also comes with a list of expenses. 

Sometimes the list of expenses can add up, and no one really wants to spend money they have allocated for something else on their car. 

But when owning a vehicle, one thing that is overlooked by many motorists is safety. 

Servicing your vehicle and making sure you maintain it is of the utmost importance. And as much most motorists strive for that (we hope), accidents do happen. 

In this case, it was a case of collateral damage, when a truck tyre got loose and hit a car, launching it up into the air. 

"A dashboard video captured the heart-stopping moment a vehicle was sent spinning in the air after being struck by a tire that had come off a pickup truck during a freak accident on a busy California freeway." (NY Post)

WATCH what happened below, courtesy of Instagram:


"The truck’s detached wheel that caused all the havoc continued rolling out of control before smashing into the ill-fated Kia again, before finally coming to a rest." (NY Post)

Thankfully, the driver of the Kia only sustained minor injuries. 

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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