Man disguises himself like his girlfriend to write exam for herm

Man disguises himself like his girlfriend to write exam for her

He got caught!

An Indian man disguises himself as a woman
An Indian man disguises himself as a woman/Facebook/@CEOAfricaLive

There are many things in this world that you should never do and one of them is to impersonate a person to write an exam. 

We say this with full confidence and with assurance that just the mere thought of cheating in this manner will get you caught. This is mainly because no one can pull off an impersonation that well. 

This man certainly didn't and has earned himself some time behind bars for it. 

Angrez Singh tried to impersonate his girlfriend, Paramjit Kaur, so that he could write an exam on her behalf, but his grand gesture turned out to be an epic fail. 

An epic fail that has had many people laughing. Besides the obvious, we assume their laughter came from his amateurish attempt at posing as a woman. 

"Officials at Baba Farid University of Health Sciences in Punjab’s Faridkot district recently caught a young Indian man using a disguise and fake documents to take the exam of multi-purpose health workers on behalf of a woman believed to be his girlfriend." (Oddity Central)

Watch the video below, courtesy of YouTube


He went as far as creating a fake ID card to prove his identity, but was caught when his fingerprints didn't match Kaur's biometric data. 

"Initially, university staff sent Angrez home, but a complaint was later filed against him, and he is currently under investigation for multiple offences. Paramjeet Kaur is also being accused of conspiring with Singh, as without her consent he would not have been able to attempt the exam in her place." (Oddity Central)

It seems his grand gesture of romance for his beloved didn't end well for either of them. The safer route would have been to help her study for it...

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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