Man dives into frozen lake and can't find his way out

Man dives into frozen lake and can't find his way out

We would freak out!

Man swimming inside frozen lake
Man swimming inside frozen lake/X Screenshot/@crazyclipsonly

Swimming is something that is generally associated with a sense of joy, over and above the athleticism that comes with this sport. 

But when it comes to swimming, there is this elusive area of it that involves 'chance'. 

Because water is considered one of the uncontrolled sources of nature; it can be dangerous and tricky to manoeuvre your way around it sometimes. 

We saw this recently during the tragic floods that claimed many people's lives in Libya. 

The power of the water is like that though, it can be majestic and beautiful, but also strong and possessive. 

When we saw this clip on X recently, it really got us thinking as to why people put themselves through harsh circumstances. 

And in this case, we think this man was either trying to break a record or training for something. 

Either way, it made us feel helpless watching it. 

Especially when the group of people who were trying to divert him back to the hole in the ice began panicking. 

A life lesson of note - when you face any situation where you feel out of control, don't panic. 


Take a look at what happened to him below, courtesy of X

Image Courtesy of X

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