Man survives on fizzy drinks for almost two decades

Man survives on fizzy drinks for almost two decades

After the sight of food made him feel nauseous, he found that he could only stomach sodas. 

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We've notoriously been told that fizzy drinks are not good for one's health. 

But that doesn't stop us from consuming things that aren't good for us, does it? It is a plight in life that many people struggle with. 

One man took things to another level when he decided to only drink fizzy drinks! The man named Gholamreza Ardeshiri is Iranian and says that he stopped eating food in 2006. 

The 58-year-old claims that he becomes nauseous at the sight of food. He has been consuming fizzy drinks such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola for the last 17 years. 

"It all started one night in 2006, when he woke up with a strange feeling in his mouth, one that he just couldn’t get rid of, no matter how many doctors he visited. In the end, he decided to shun food permanently and has been living a perfectly normal life ever since." (Oddity Central)

It is so bad that even his family cannot consume food in front of him. He has a not-so-healthy diet of three large bottles of carbonated drinks. 

And he says he doesn't feel hungry, this is more than sufficient to keep him going. 


According to an online source, he said he "had a strange feeling, I felt like an object like hair was inside my mouth, I felt that the head of this hair was inside my mouth and the end was inside my stomach, no matter what I did, it was not possible to remove this hair". 

Regardless of seeing several doctors and even being advised to see a psychiatrist, nothing came of it. 

Which was when he made the decision to give up on food and dedicate his diet to soda. 

"Gholamreza Ardeshiri told Iranian reporters that the first time he drank a glass of soda, he felt energized like never before so he decided that the delicious concoction would be his alternative to food. He claims that he lost 32 kilos since he started drinking soft drinks, but other than that he has had no serious health problems in the last 17 years." (Oddity Central)

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