New hijacking trend and warning of spike over next two months

New hijacking trend and warning of spike over next two months

Hijackers are using a different technique to stop owners from ratting them out. 

Criminal wearing gloves trying to open a car door
Criminal wearing gloves trying to open a car door/iStock/@RattankunThongbun

We can all admit that we don't get a chance to let our guard down about crime in our country. 

It has become innate to always be aware, ready to act, and prepared for anything whether we are out and about or in our homes. Because the nature of criminal activities has become so broad. 

In saying that, we have to say that even though there is a percentage of people who are always 'on' when it comes to reading situations and being prepared for anything, there is still a majority of South Africans who are oblivious to criminals lurking around them. 

This is why it is so important to stay alert to crime trends because when you know better, you can do better. 

According to the Fidelity Services Group, the number of hijackings is set to increase during February and March this year, this is based on previous data. 

Wahl Bartmann, the group's CEO, also warned that a "new trend with hijacking cases is that criminals are also kidnapping victims to force them to reveal the location of tracking devices and to delay the reporting of the crimes so they can get away". (Business Tech)

Hijackers are driven to kidnap car owners as a way of getting cash from them, over and above stealing their cars. 

They drive for hours with them in the car, forcing them to withdraw as much money as they can. Bartmann has warned motorists to always be aware of their surroundings and look out for vehicles that may be following them. 

"Most hijackings target victims at, or close to, their residences and places of work,” said Bartmann.

“If (drivers) suspect they are being followed, they should drive to the closest police station immediately or at least to a busy centre where other people are around.

“Do not offer any resistance during a hijacking. Remember that perpetrators are always armed and would not hesitate to fire when confronted.

“Additional perpetrators may stand out of view and fire should you fight back,” he added. (Business Tech)

Interesting to note that the most targeted vehicles are predominantly Toyotas and Volkswagens. 

As you may already know, popular cars involved in hijackings work on the concept of supply and demand and since these two brands are the most driven cars, so it makes sense why they are targeted. 

"According to Fidelity, vehicles under the Toyota, VW, Ford, and Nissan brands continue to be common targets among criminals, and the specific models include:

  • Toyota Hilux, Fortuner, Rave 4 and Corollas
  • Ford Ranger (both double and single cabs).
  • VW Polos
  • Nissan NP200s (Business Tech)

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