Parents smash a pie in the car before picking the kids up

Parents smash a pie in the car before picking the kids up

Is this common practice amongst parents?

Businessman eating cake
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Parents have a way of manoeuvring around the so-called pitfalls of the parenting life. 

And the great part of that is when they share their hacks with other parents.

We love what this couple shared recently; not only was it something that we think most parents do (lowkey), but it was relatable. 

A mother shares how she and her hubby parked off on the side of the road to enjoy a pie before going home to the kids. We can confirm that this is the sort of parenting hack that many might not admit to in front of their kids. 

Ah, the things we do as parents. 

We get it, when you become a parent, there is a certain level of individuality that you unwillingly let go of. Not to mention how we lose the idea of 'mine', which transcends into 'ours'. 

Take a look at this mom and dad enjoying their guilty pleasure without the kids. With love, of course. 

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Image Courtesy of iStock/XiXinXing

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