This puppy's spa day will make you wish you were a pup

This puppy's spa day will make you wish you were a pup

Whoever said it was a dog's life hit the nail on the head...

A Bichon Frise having a spa treatment
A Bichon Frise having a spa treatment/Instagram Screenshot/@DogsKlub

Dog spas are all the rage for pet owners and if you're a pet lover, you will know that they are quite exclusive. 

They come with a whole range of fancy pet care products and the dogs get treated with the highest care. 

On average, a dog spa can cost a pet owner anything between R99 to R265 based on a small dog with a maximum weight of 10kg. With a range of packages that start with cut only to a deluxe deal. 

The prices vary according to the size of your dog and can reach prices like R400-R500 for very large dogs. 

It's safe to say that owners need a budget for these kinds of treatments because it doesn't come cheap.

So, it only makes sense to nurture all that you love with the best. A white pooch that looks like a Bichon Frise dog was videoed receiving a deluxe spa treatment from a pet groomer. 

People were impressed and some were even a bit jealous. 

  • "How do y'all get y'all pups to behave so calm like this???????" 
  • "My dog sent me this"
  • "It should be me"
  • "Not this dog having a better life than me"
  • "I have to make sure my dog won't see this."
  • "My dog would never sit through this" 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

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Image Courtesy of Instagram


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