Restaurant blames lazy workers for their 50% price increase

Restaurant blames lazy workers for their 50% price increase

Talk about shifting the blame...

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There's no doubt that everyone has been impacted by the rising food costs.

But this restaurant has taken an approach that we don't think is quite fair. 

They have placed a job notice that blatantly blames their "lazy workers", amongst other things, for their 50% price hikes...

"While the diner blamed workers partly for its price increases, they encouraged customers to apply in order to “help [them] fill the workplace and lower [their] prices again.” 

The flyer claims that pay starts at $16 an hour. However, the fine print says that “$13/hour + benefits = $16/hour.” (Daily Dot)

Classic example as to why it's so important to read the fine print...

WATCH the video detailing the job poster, posted by Restaurant Opportunities Center United (@roc_united):

@roc_united Where to even begin with this sign? #fyouiquit ♬ Comedy Loop ( Circus Circus) - Eliosmusic


The response to the notice was not received well. 

As you can imagine, it doesn't really sit well with potential new employees that you are blaming your previous employees for a price increase. 

Sounds like a work environment you would try to avoid at all costs...

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