Safari picnic goes wrong as the king of jungle comes to visit

Safari picnic goes wrong as the king of jungle comes to visit

Unlike eating a packet of Simba chips, these tourists were not roaring with excitement...

Man running away from picnic site at safari
Man running away from picnic site at safari/X Screenshot/@pmcafrica

There is this common misconception that in South Africa we walk amongst our wildlife. 

But of course, the notion is slowly being diminished with social media reaching far and wide. As South Africans though, we are still intrigued by our wildlife and won't pass up an opportunity to see our wildlife up close and personal. 

Well, at least that's what we thought of many people, but the fear is still as real as ever. 

Because as much as it may be nice to see from afar, when the threat of being eaten by the king of the jungle flashes before your eyes, your survival instincts take over. 

A video that doesn't really give us much of a back story or any context has caught many people's attention.

It shows a group of people enjoying a picnic (a fancy one at that) out in the bush and we assume they are out on a safari. 

Then a man, who is being described as a ranger, comes running toward the group telling them, "Lion coming, go to your vehicles." 

His fear creates a panic at the picnic site and all of them start running to their vehicles. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of X

*Please be warned that there is some profanity in the video and it is not advisable for sensitive viewers. 


What shocks us is that the chef who very casually walks past as the ranger screams out his warning seems so unfazed by the threat of danger posed by the lion. 

Of course, the video warranted much engagement by tweeps. Many asked for a part two, but sadly there has been no update as to what happened next. 

Image Courtesy of X

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