Thieves rob store of 200 sneakers, but there is a twist...

Thieves rob store of 200 sneakers, but there is a twist...

That's either incredibly silly or strategically planned...

Close up photo of shoes on display
Close up photo of shoes on display/Pexels

What is being described as thieves getting off on the wrong foot has many people confused and quite amused. 

Criminals who broke into a shoe store in the central Peruvian city of Huancayo made off with more than 200 sneakers. 

But notice how we did not say 'pairs of sneakers' and rather just sneakers. 

"The shop owner estimates that they have a value of more than $13,000 (£10,000/ R244,245.30) - although the thieves may struggle to sell them on." (BBC News)

Why? All the sneakers they took are for the right foot.

Talk about bizarre and completely unheard of. 

The news of the robbery has everyone wondering if these criminals made a silly mistake or whether they have a market for right-footed shoes. 

"The footage shows the criminals breaking the padlock on the shop's shutter in the middle of the night and using a tricycle to take boxes of trainers from different brands." (BBC News)

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The police managed to gather evidence at the scene of the crime and are confident that they will be able to locate the thieves based on the fingerprints collected. 

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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