TikTok user suggests a theory that the Titanic never actually sank?!

TikTok user suggests a theory that the Titanic never actually sank?!

Could this be true? Her facts do add up, but we're not sure if we are sailing through with her theory...

The RMS Titanic from 1912
The RMS Titanic from 1912/Facebook/@thetitaniconline

We all know and remember the famous story of the Titanic through James Cameron's movie. 

But there are many, many other details that were perhaps not as translucently depicted in the movie. 

And rightfully so, considering we were all about the selling of the love story. 

But one TikToker has gone rogue and claims that the ship that sank all those years ago was not in fact the RMS Titanic, but rather the Olympic ship. 

"Mia (the TikToker) believes it was the Olympic ship that had been purposefully submerged — in order to avoid the exorbitant costs it would take to repair it." (NY Post)

According to Mia, The White Star Line company built three notable ships; The Titanic, the Olympic, and the Britannic. She confidently shares that the Britannic sank in 1916, claiming 30 lives. 

She admits that there have been "conflicting reports" as to the sinking of the Britannic, some say it was due to a sea mine, whilst others believe it was an enemy submarine.  

She goes on to note that the Olympic and the Titanic were super similar. But the Olympic had been on the water for some time. 

Her theory states that since they knew that the Olympic was reaching retirement, they decided to send out the Olympic that day in April 1912 and pose it as the Titanic. 

She insinuates that they purposefully sank the Olympic (posing as the Titanic) so that they could get the insurance money. 


WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok. 

@_mia.w22_ Replying to @bamastidealwaysrolls i’m not saying anything for sure, but like i am #titanic ♬ original sound - 🧃

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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