The Tired Dad taken away by his seven-year-old's wisdom

The Tired Dad taken away by his seven-year-old's wisdom

This is absolutely mind-blowing...

A father listening to his daughter at podcast
A father listening to his daughter at podcast/TikTok Screenshot/

It has to be said that kindness in all its forms goes a long way.

Leave it to a kid to remind us what it means to love yourself and prioritise kindness in your life. 

A father who hosts the podcast, The Tired Dad, was pleasantly surprised when his daughter responded in the most honest and humble way. 

After dad asked her, "What is your favourite thing about yourself?", she wowed him with her response. 

In the video, the seven-year-old patiently sits at the microphone and answers so naturally. 

Her answer: "That I have a lot of kindness in me..."

Watch what she had to say in the podcast, courtesy of TikTok My 7-year old daughter drops some serious wisdom! 🥹 #thetireddad #parenthood #motherhood #fatherhood #tireddad ♬ emotional background music played by the acoustic guitar on the piano(1283901) - earbrojp

Check out some of the comments on the video, courtesy of TikTok:

  • "This is when you know you're doing something right as a parent." 
  • "I told my parents how sensitive I was and they used it against me for decades. Keep it up pops."
  • "Forget social media, this is gonna be an AWESOME family treasure for GENERATIONS!!"
  • "I pray that the world doesn’t change you"
  • "This is fantastic.plz make sure she also values being assertive, having opinions, setting boundaries, and saying no!" 

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