Woman dances like no one is watching on cruise ship

Woman dances like no one is watching on cruise ship

Some might say that this is too much, but we disagree...

A woman dances on the deck of a ship
A woman dances on the deck of a ship/TikTok Screenshot/@travelgal007

As we approach another weekend, some might say that this weekend is super special because it is a weekend we celebrate the mothers in our lives. 

And we would definitely agree, but we wanted to remind you and the mothers out there, that as much as we love that you are caring and loving, we do agree you need time to let loose and have fun. 

Self love comes in different forms, and one form that we know many moms love to do is dance. 

Finding time to do what you love should not be something that stresses you out. 

Instead, you should embrace and prioritise time to do what you love and what relaxes you, because that's what makes you happy. 

And it's like that saying, 'happy wife, happy life'. In the same sense, 'happy mother, happy everything'. 

This woman dancing like no one's watching reminded us to always, always have fun - and never, ever worry about what people think of you.


Because the truth is most of the time you will end up making others happy when you do what you love anyway. 

WATCH her shake her tailfeather on the Royal Caribbean Cruise. 

Courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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