Woman eats birthday cake, asks for a refund

Woman eats birthday cake, asks for a refund

Is it fair to ask for a refund on something that you have already eaten?

White round cake with yellow icing on white round plate
White round cake with yellow icing on white round plate/Pexels/@Denys Gromov

When you are celebrating someone's birthday, it's natural to want to get a birthday cake that the birthday person enjoys.

In this case, a woman wanted to get a lemon birthday cake for her mother. Like anything, you take a chance when you buy a cake, as you can hope it tastes good, but there's no guarantee that it will. 

In this case, it was only after tasting it, did they realise that it wasn't a yummy birthday cake. 

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The woman ended up calling the bakery she purchased the cake from and asked them for a refund. 

She called the bakery and explained that she ordered a lemon birthday cake for her mother's birthday and the cake was decorated beautifully, but it was ill-tasting and would like to ask for a refund. 

The lady from the bakery was very kind and apologised for her bad experience. Then she asked her to bring the cake back to the bakery and she would try to do something to help her. 

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But the woman (the caller) explained that the cake was finished. This is when the conversation took a weird turn. 

The woman explained that after the birthday jubilations, they all had a slice of cake and agreed that it was not very nice. 

The lady from the bakery apologised but was confused because there was not much she could do without the cake, and she had a point...

Watch the conversation below, courtesy of TikTok

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It was a conundrum for the customer and the bakery lady. 

We think that the bakery lady had a point though, the cake couldn't have been that bad if they all ate it...

  • "You can’t eat the entire cake, and get the refund! Ask judge Judy! Lol"
  • "You can’t eat and finish the cake then request a refund"
  • "Is she joking. You can’t get a refund on something you’ve happily eaten."
  • "Unfortunately if you don't bring evidence she can't refund on the bakers side"
  •  "If it was awful you don't eat it you collect the plates and return it you don't eat it then ask for a refund...."

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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