Is this the world's oldest flushing toilet?

Is this the world's oldest flushing toilet?

They all burst into laughter when they connected the dots...

Old toilet made with concrete and mud
Old toilet made with concrete and mud/Instagram Screenshot/@bbcnews

Discoveries from archaeological dig sites can definitely be enlightening. 

For one, it shares insight into the past, and allows us to imagine what life was like during that era. 

It also reminds us to be humble for what it is we have evolved into and to be grateful for what we have. 

One of the most recent discoveries that grabbed our attention was made by archaeologists in China. 

They believe they have discovered the world's oldest flushing toilet. 

"The 2,400-year-old toilet box and pipe was found in the city of Xi'an in China, at an archaeological site." (BBC)

"It is the first and only flush toilet to be ever unearthed in China," says Liu Rui, a researcher involved in the project.

"Everybody at the site was surprised, and then we all burst into laughter!" (BBC)

The toilet is thought to have been used by the Emperor of China. Toilets were considered a luxury item 2,400 years ago. 

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"Experts think the toilet was flushed manually by servants pouring lots of water into it. Scientists hope to use the toilet to find out what people at the time may have ate. To do that they're hoping to find tiny particles of poo to analyse - we hope they wash their hands after that job!" (BBC)

Image Courtesy of Instagram

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