Well-balance life with MNI – Tackling Triglycerides

Well-balance life with MNI – Tackling Triglycerides

Research has proven that raised triglycerides is an independent risk factor for heart disease. This means that raised triglycerides, without any other risk factors like raised total or LDL-cholesterol, can cause heart disease all on its own.

Tackling Triglycerides MNI

Triglycerides are a type of lipid which make up most of the fat found in meats, dairy, cooking oils and your body. Biologically, triglycerides are used for one of two purposes, either directly as energy or for storage of surplus energy as fat. When you think about excess weight, you are essentially talking about a build-up of triglycerides. Triglycerides can be obtained from your diet, or they can be manufactured in your liver from excess calories.

High triglycerides are associated with increased risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke.

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Why measure triglycerides?

High triglyceride levels are associated with cardiovascular disease, including atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. They are also associated with lower HDL cholesterol and increasingly damaging LDL cholesterol. As with cholesterol, a high triglyceride level only has symptoms once it has caused disease. Testing is therefore the only way to know if you should work at lowering yours. Excess triglyceride is also associated with the presence of a number of other disorders, including diabetes, obesity, liver and kidney disease, thyroid problems and Metabolic Syndrome. Early testing of triglyceride levels with a full lipogram is therefore essential to effective management of your health.

How can I improve my triglyceride levels?

The primary method for correcting abnormally high triglyceride levels is lifestyle intervention. Much of the advice overlaps with that prescribed for other conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome, especially high cholesterol and cardiovascular health.

  1. Eat a healthy diet
  2. ​Diet is a significant risk factors in a wide range of diseases.
  3. Exercise, remain active, and reduce your weight
  4. Support your body with a well researched product

The role of RyChol from MNI:

RyChol extended-release formulation contains a unique blend of plant-derived phytochemical ingredients known to reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL levels.

This unique combination supports multiple pathways involved in the digestion, absorption and clearance of cholesterol and the other detrimental fats from the system.

A decrease in triglyceride levels correlates with a decrease in cardiovascular risk.

RyChol is a well researched cholesterol and triglyceride lowering product.

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What is the MNI approach and solution?

MNI has a holistic approach to healthcare and offers free cholesterol-lowering guidelines designed specifically for heart health.

Free Download: Download your free cholesterol-lowering guideline here.

Remember the MNI Product Specialists are available for your support, you can contact them directly at [email protected]

For more information visit The Medical Nutritional website at www.mnilifestyle.co.za

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