Chinese schools use headbands to help kids focus in class

Chinese schools use headbands to help kids focus in class

The headbands are influenced by AI tech and the data retrieved from them are sent to the students parents. 

A classroom of Chinese students wearing headbands
A classroom of Chinese students wearing headbands/Instagram Screenshot/@Pubity

Finding healthy ways to help your kids concentrate at school can be tricky. 

Yes, there are foods and techniques that may assist them in focusing more, but the big question is how much of their attitude comes from within? 

This could be the reason that China decided to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to assist students in their pursuit to focus more at school. 

They have implemented the use of a headband that students wear to help them with concentration at school. 

The headband looks like something out of a 'Star Trek' movie and is able to track information of the student wearing it. 

The light on the headband changes based on your level of concentration. When it is red, it means the student wearing it is focused, but when it is blue, it means the student is distracted. 

The sceptical part of the headband is that all the data collected from the headband is sent to the student's parents. 

Many believe the data is also being sent to the government, which opens up a whole other can of worms. 

The data includes how many times a child yawns, looks at their phone, and even tracks their location in and around the school. 


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