FAMILY TIME: How to manage picky eaters at mealtime.

FAMILY TIME: How to manage picky eaters at mealtime

We take a look at the advice from toddler experts who have shared how to curb the constant back and forth when it comes to managing picky eaters.

Kids sharing their lunch at school
Kids sharing their lunch at school/Pexels

It can be tedious and time-consuming to figure out a menu that will please each and every member of your family. 

If this is what you have to do on the daily, then we feel for you. 

But there's a light at the end of the tunnel. So, to speak. Toddler experts, have shared some sound and key advice about picky eaters. 

Far too often we feel like we need to jump through hoops to satisfy our kids when it comes to foods they like.

But the truth is that we are just enabling them if we are moving around endlessly trying to cater to their taste buds. And as you know our job is to empower our kids, not enable them. 

The key to making your way around the picky or dare we call them 'fussy' eaters is to set boundaries. 

One of the toddler experts shares some key advice. 

"You, the parent, calmly and confidently decide what is on the menu today. Your child decides what they eat, and how much.

Parent provides, child decides. So, here's what we're going to do — always serve ONE safe food: blueberries, toast, whatever it may be. That way, you're confident there's one thing on that plate that they like. Then, play it cool, put that food down and let go. 

No negotiating, no pleading "but you LOVE granola," no running to make the food they're demanding." (TikTok)

Her advice in terms of a script that you could follow is, (personalise to your family): 

"I hear you want cereal." CALM CONFIDENT BOUNDARY "Yogurt and Granola are on the menu today." SHIFT TO THE YES Give some age-appropriate power: "Do you want the blue bowl or the orange bowl. You pick!" 

And? If your child is upset about this boundary? That's ok. Your child is allowed to have big feelings, you're going to PLAY IT COOL: "I hear you want cereal, that makes you feel sad. We'll have cereal for a snack later today." or "I hear you; you think eggs are yucky. That's ok, everyone likes different things. You never have to eat anything you don't want to." 

Ride that tantrum wave today, to end the power struggles long term." (TikTok)

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