Happy hippos walk the streets of St. Lucia

Happy hippos walk the streets of St. Lucia

Who needs to visit a national park when the wildlife comes to you...

Hippos walking on the road in St. Lucia
Hippos walking on the road in St. Lucia/TikTok Screenshot/@claudiawieman

What we know already is that KZN has the most majestic destinations for both tourists and locals. 

What always shocks us, is that the stereotypical view of our country is sometimes true when it comes to wildlife walking the streets. 

One of the most prized destinations in KwaZulu-Natal is St. Lucia. Not only is it the first World Heritage Site in South Africa, but it is also the most visited town in Africa. 

One of the reasons tourists flock to this beloved part of KwaZulu-Natal is to view their amazing hippos. 

But, usually, when you think about tourists coming to view wildlife, it is usually whilst in a park or conservation area. 

Not necessarily walking through the town and happening to bump into hippos. This is most definitely a special experience to say the least. 

In a video shared on TikTok, we see two hippos casually walking through the town. 

What really surprised us is their ability to just cross the road, almost as if they knew exactly where they were going. 

Unfazed by the 'herds' of people gathering around them to take their videos and snaps. 

What surprised us even more though was one person who commented saying that she lived in the town and this was normal. 

Although this was a beautiful surprise and sight, it certainly is important to note that hippos and all wildlife aren't used to humans, and can be dangerous. 

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WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok:

@claudiawieman Just a hippo wandering around St. Lucia on a Saturday night 🦛🇿🇦 #hippo #southafrica #zuidafrika #nijlpaard #hippos #stlucia #fyp @joannauniwersal99 ♬ Big And Chunky - will.i.am

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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