Hilarious window washing situation at Joburg intersection drives man insane!

Hilarious window washing situation at Joburg intersection drives man insane!

Ever had the pleasure of having your windows washed without your permission at an intersection? Then you'll appreciate this...

Window washer with Wikus

If you're South African and live in Johannesburg then you're probably familiar with the concept of impromptu window washing at busy intersections.

If you're not familiar with this concept, here's a basic explanation... 

While approaching a robot/traffic light at an intersection, you could be approached by a guy holding a bottle filled with soapy water and a squeegee offering to wash your windscreen and windows. That guy is called a 'window washer'. 

A comedian named Wayne Morehen (Wikus) created an hilarious skit featuring "window washers". Wikus is a new “character” creating comical situations out of everyday problems and situations, that's according to his Facebook page.

In the video, the comedian is approached by a group of window washers and despite his resistance and anger, the window washers do a whole job on his car - cleaning windows and eventually the entire body of the car! 

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While the video itself is hilarious, there is an important message being communicated in the video. As South Africans, we truly should be proud of our country, and encourage and appreciate the people we meet every day who are trying to make a living. 

Watch the video below:

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