Is it wrong to charge people for food at your wedding?

Is it wrong to charge people for food at your wedding?

We don't think that's the way to go...

Wedding rings and flowers and an invitation
Wedding rings and flowers and an invitation/Pexels/@Camille Robinson

Weddings are always coming into the spotlight, sometimes it's for the right reasons, while other times it's for the not-so-great reasons. 

And this was one example of it coming into the spotlight over a 'not-so-great' reason. 

In a post shared on Reddit, a man wrote about how his co-worker invited him to his upcoming wedding, but this was no regular invitation as it came with an add-on. 

"A co-worker and his fiancé are getting married and invited me to the wedding. I got the invite and it says $150 a plate for adults and $75 for children,” wrote the man." (MSN)

That's over R2,800 for adults and more than R1,400 for kids, just to attend the wedding. 

The man was obviously shocked by the mere thought that guests should pay to eat at someone else's wedding. It's like paying a fee to celebrate their union. 

What really got him was that one of the kids' meal options included a hot dog and root beer float. For $75 (R1,400)! That's ridiculous. 

He asked the Reddit community if he was being unreasonable for thinking this was outrageous. 

And many of them agreed that it was indeed ridiculous to expect your guests to pay - and such a high amount at that!


Image Courtesy of Pexels

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