Make-up clearly needs to be child-proofed!

Make-up clearly needs to be child-proofed!

It seems as much as make-up is a popular item with toddlers, it also leaves them looking quite scary...

A little girl applying makeup on her face
A little girl applying makeup on her face/TikTok Screenshot/@pulsesenegal

We've seen our fair share of toddlers getting into things that they shouldn't get into. 

But somehow it doesn't get old. For parents, it can either be a form of entertainment that is shared or something that causes them great stress. 

And, ladies, if it's expensive make-up, we think you might fall under the latter category. 

We recently came across a video that showed a little girl with her mother's foundation all over her face and some parts of her hair. 

Let's just say, it was anything but cute at first glance, if you want to read more about it and watch the video, click here.

And if you were like us and thinking that surely mothers lock away their valuables with their toddlers in the house, then you would be wrong...

Just over a week later we came across another toddler who needed to powder her nose. 

But this young child didn't just powder her nose, she powdered her whole face. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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We think that all said and done, we loved how she was so happy with what she had accomplished. 

It was a true reminder that sometimes the value in valuable items comes from the experience of watching them being used by someone who doesn't know their value. 

Have a positively awesome Tuesday. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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