Mom proudly shares how her daughter rocked her graduation

Mom proudly shares how her daughter rocked her graduation

When your kid loves to dance and it shows...

Young learners dance on stage at their graduation
Young learners dance on stage at their graduation/TikTok Screenshot/@m_ketso

As we end the school year, we can firmly say that many parents are feeling a weight lifted off their shoulders. 

Yes, it has been a busy year. With school concerts, tests, examinations, projects, and school trips, not to mention extracurricular activities, it can be a lot to manage. 

But when it comes to graduation and school concerts, we can also say that the proof is in the pudding. 

A mother who felt so proud shared a short video of her daughter at her graduation. 

The young girl was dancing on stage with another girl and both of them had such great energy. 

The learners are from Motheo Pre Primary and they are talented. 

"The word 'Motheo' is common to the Sotho, Pedi and Tswana languages meaning foundation for the development of a person or community." (Motheo Primary)

These young learners certainly mirror the meaning of their school. 

Watch as they show off their skills below, courtesy of TikTok


My daughter’s grad ceremony.. her energy? Unmatched!!🤝💃💃🥰♥️

♬ original sound - Ketso_m😘


People were amazed by the kids' dance skills and shared their comments: 

  • "Ma’am thats a professional dancer. Find her a dance school now"
  • "I’d be crying so hard"
  • " I need to see the teacher who taught them this routine.. Loving the energy it's giving jika majika"
  • "Those who watched this 10 times let's gather here. I love her"
  • "POV : her daughter energy is so clear mommy doesn’t have to show you which one is her daughter"

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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