Mom of twelve shares her morning routine on TikTok

Mom of twelve shares her morning routine on TikTok

And here we thought we had busy mornings...

Mother preparing sheet pan pancakes
Mother preparing sheet pan pancakes/TikTok Screenshot/@doughertydozen

As parents, we have no choice but to be part of the infamous '5am Club'. 

However, this doesn't always mean getting in the quiet we need for ourselves, but rather preparing for a positive start to the day so that our kids can have a smooth start. 

One mother who has taught us not to complain is a mom of twelve, who goes as Dougherty Dozen on social media. 

The Doughertys are a foster and adoption family from New York and are positively smashing it with their family. 

A mom's life is what you make of it, clearly, as this mother is a great motivation with her well-organised meal prep ideas and executions. 

Check out the video below that grabbed our attention from TikTok:

@doughertydozen Happy Monday! Tell me something you’re looking forward to this week! #MorningRoutine #MealPrep #SheetPancakes #9to5 #PackingLunches ♬ 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton

If a mother of twelve can rock it the way this mom does, then that should be a great example to all mothers out there. 

It's certainly not easy, we get it, but staying strong and motivated can make the world of difference in how your day and your week turn out. 

Check out a great example of what her family meal plan looks like. A lovely example of what you can do with your own family to make life in the kitchen more fun and manageable. 


Courtesy of TikTok:

@doughertydozen What’s on your #MealPlan ♬ I Can Feel It v3 - Nick Sena and Danny Echevarria

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