Sick kid gets prescribed ice cream and video games

Sick kid gets prescribed ice cream and video games

A doctor from São Paulo, Brazil has been let go because of his prescription and lack of care with the sick child...

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You never want to see your child in pain or ill, it is just so unbearable that sometimes you wish you could take away the pain. 

But in reality, all you can do is seek help from a trained medical professional, who we entrust with our lives. 

A mother from Brazil has expressed her anger over the way one doctor handled her sick child.

Of course, when you visit a doctor, there is a set procedure that you become familiar with. 

Checking of a patient's temperature, checking their ears, their throats, and so on. These are the things that we are used to when visiting the doctor. 

We know that many doctors have a way with kids when it comes to calming them down with the promise of a lollipop now and then. 

But that's something of a small 'bribe' to get them to accept their medication.

This doctor went the extra mile when it came to making promises to a sick child.

"Brazilian mother, Priscila da Silva Ramos, who took her son to see a doctor did not find humour in the medical officer supposedly prescribing, among other things, video games and ice cream to the boy." (IOL)

After she noticed her son vomiting, she took him to see the doctor but found that the doctor didn't even take five minutes to examine her boy. 

What he did do was begin writing a prescription for the boy without properly examining him. 


"This prescription reportedly included these medications: amoxicillin, ibuprofen, dipyrone, prednisone, and acetylcysteine, as well as twice-daily chocolate ice cream and Free Fire (a mobile game)." (IOL)

As a parent, the one thing you don't need is a doctor to add more anxiety to the situation. 

So, we can imagine the shock and irritation this mother must have faced. Not being able to trust your doctor fully is the worst feeling. 

It has been said that the doctor was in fact fired from the medical service provider for his actions. That is why it is important to find a good match when it comes to doctors. 

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