At age six, Hailey is impressing with her jewellery business

At age six, Hailey is impressing with her jewellery business

If this doesn't inspire you then you need a reality check!

Young girl holding up a newspaper
Young girl holding up a newspaper/Facebook/@Hailey'shandmadegoodies

This Wednesday, we have decided to feature a young girl who is following her passion. 

She is not just a six-year-old doing what she loves, but she is an inspiration to young and old women all over. 

Hailey Lindemann is a six-year-old girl from Theresa Park, north of Pretoria. As young as she is, she has her own business. 

She is the owner of Hailey’s Handmade Goodies and is assisted by her mom, Martie Lindemann. 

Hailey specialises in making handmade bead jewellery, which look extremely fancy. 

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“I love working for my own pocket money. In doing so, I don't have to worry about asking my mother for money. In having my own money, I know that what I buy with it, I earned,” said Hailey. (MSN)

This young budding entrepreneur only just started her business a month ago, but she is already being commended for her creativity. 

It all started when she asked her mother for a tablet and was encouraged to save for it. At first, she shared her beadwork with her friends and schoolteacher, but this grew and the word spread. 

It is so inspiring to see one of SA's youngest entrepreneurs thrive at what she loves. A clear lesson for many people waiting for the motivation to follow their dreams. 

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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