These are the things you should not say after a tantrum

These are the things you should not say after a tantrum

It can be difficult to maintain your cool after a tantrum, but it is essential...

Child screaming wearing white shirt
Child screaming wearing white shirt/Pexels

It's anything but easy to handle an upset toddler. Sometimes it can feel just as overwhelming for a parent as it is for a child. 

So we can totally relate to you wanting to mirror your toddler's behaviour. 

But perhaps there is another way of handling the aftermath? A calmer more engaging way, that may help ease you and your child? 

It can be challenging to keep your cool after your child has an outburst, but your response is of absolute importance and can mean a great deal to the way a child behaves in future. 

You see emotions are still high after a tantrum and what happens next is a vital part on how your child feels.

We are told that as kids grow, tantrums are their way of dealing with their environmental stimuli. But it is also part of our growing up as parents, because believe it or not, we are growing into becoming what our kids need us to be. 

In turn becoming the best parents we can be and better versions of ourselves. 

So instead of saying things like:

"Calm down"

"There's nothing to cry about"

"You're acting like a baby"

Approach things with an attitude of repairing and resetting. 

Dr. Cathryn, a toddler expert and paediatrician, shared some alternatives to say to your toddler after a tantrum. 

"Have a brief reflective moment after a tantrum to help your child understand what happened.⁣

⁣“Wow, that was tough! You really wanted to read the book your brother was reading. You were so angry that he wouldn’t share it with you.” ⁣

Don’t try and fix or teach anything. Just narrate what happened so your child can make sense of it. ⁣

Then, let your little one know that intense feelings are ok. Give some form of comfort (a hug, a smile, a hand on the shoulder) that says, “I love you, sweetheart.” ⁣

You can teach your child lessons at another time when she’s calm and receptive." (Instagram)

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