WATCH: After he abandoned his family, she stood firm

WATCH: After he abandoned his family, she stood firm

A leopard never changes its spots...

Woman hitting her mug with a spoon
Woman hitting her mug with a spoon/TikTok Screenshot/@ntswakinteo2

We love how people have embraced TikTok to share their life experiences so openly. 

We think it has helped others who aren't as bold to find peace in their own circumstances.

As much as there are trolls out there, using your social media platform can be cathartic. Your very own personal way of recording something important, a reminder to stay on track with a goal and a tool to heal...

This woman created a video to the Amapiano Beat 2K mix, sharing just one aspect of her life experience. 

She shared that her partner left her to raise their baby, returned after three years and apologised, whilst also asking for her hand in marriage.

Then she did something to take back her power...

WATCH her video below, courtesy of TikTok

@ntswakinteo2 #jokes ♬ Amapiano Beat 2K - Theology HD


Of course, in true social media nature, some people came for her, saying that she wasted her time by doing that. 

CeeDaMessenger: "Well that was a waste of time. So basically you wasted your time on getting back at him. Jokes on you, you could’ve been healing."

Tray Tray: "No sir that was her healing . she set the boundary. we may not understand it bit we need to respect it. REMEMBER He started the infraction why not her." 

Whilst there was more praise for standing up for herself, we have to say one of the best comments was when someone said she should be a leader for all women. 

She is currently still raising her daughter on her own, and as much as she admitted that there are challenges, she is doing it! 

She certainly showed her power with her response videos to some trolls that overstepped the mark...

Check out one of her reply videos below, courtesy of TikTok

@ntswakinteo2 Reply to @smokie179 ♬ Tanzania - Uncle Waffles & Tony Duardo

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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