WATCH: A fun way of teaching your kids about sequencing

WATCH: A fun way of teaching your kids about sequencing

A great way to teach them about responsibility, too...

Young boy making his own hamburger
Young boy making his own hamburger/TikTok Screenshot/@drmagalong

After the pandemic, many parents were faced with a difficult decision: Home schooling versus mainstream schooling. 

Out of fear and a host of other factors, parents made their decisions based on their family dynamic and what worked best for them. 

And the thing is that home schooling isn't for every family, but we have seen some families thrive from it. 

And we love to hear those success stories. One such mother who shares her methods on social media, recently shared a video of her kids. 

In the video, she shows her kids concentrating on building their hamburgers. 

The video received great love as many people thought it was a successful way of helping kids gain control over their meals and it taught them independence. 

WATCH the two prepare their hamburgers, so efficient and fun. Courtesy of TikTok.

@drmagalong learning about sequencing this week. 🙃 #pbl #kids #teacher #preschool #homeschool #learning #sequencing ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim


Mum, who happens to be a former teacher, works with her kids in project-based learning. Which basically involves students taking on a variety of projects that equip them with the skills they need to learn. 

It is student centered, which means that the kids lead on the projects. The mother, who goes by Dr Magalong, shares a variety of videos on how she is committing to Project Based Learning with her kids. 

Check out this interesting video below, courtesy of TikTok

@drmagalong Replying to @bellabunny83111 part three #projectbasedlearning #pbl #kids #preschool #homeschool #teacher ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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